Hi. My name is Natalie. My dad calls me Natalia.

According to Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities I am an ENFJ. Every once in awhile I will get ENFP.  In the world of Harry Potter I have been sorted into Hufflepuff and my patronus is a Deerhound. I geekou

I am a mama to Oscar and Olivia and a wife to Casey. We live with our dog Oso and some other four legged creatures in a small village on the Central Coast of California. We are a Catholic family that has found purpose in companionship and hospitality.

(Shameless plug for the husband: He’s a musician and a pretty good one at that. You can find his music here and a lot of other places around the Interwebz.)

I was born into a family that only knows how to LOVE in big, unconditional, and faithful ways. I am forever grateful that this legacy has continued with coming generations. I am passionate about the complexity of social justice and the role dignity and human connection play in effective social change.

We started this blog to share our story as we navigate the journey that is the NICU and adjusting to whatever it is that will be our new normal. My gut tells me that this blog might turn into something more than that, but for now that will be our focus.